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YouTube Vanced 15.43.32 APK download for Android free

Looking for a Youtube Vanced 15.23.32 so your problem is solved this is the modified version of Youtube. This application will not be found on the youtube beacause this is the advanced version. YouTube™ Vanced is the standard Android YouTube™ app, but better! Includes adblocking, genuine amoled dark mode and a lot more. Use the simple Vanced Manager to install YouTube™ Vanced with ease.

Youtube Vanced 15.23.32

Main Features of Youtube Vanced 15.43.32

  • Features the option of an Amoled black theme to alleviate eye and battery strain.
  • Blocks All videos advertisements and enables you to view videos in the background or in Picture in Picture (only on android 8.0 and higher) (only on android 8.0 and up)
  • Swipe controls enable you to change brightness and volume as way it is in other video player programs such as VLC or MX Player (with variable padding) (with configurable padding).
  • New auto repeat functionality enabling you to watch videos like tiktoks/vines or just continue playing a song on loop.
  • Not loving the new comments section or miniplayer? Those also may be toggled to the tablet versions which are pretty identical to the original version (although rather problematic) (albeit slightly buggy).


  • Enables you to override Codec choices such as forcing H264 for outdated devices or VP9, this also allows you to force HDR playback or turn off 60fps if you want a cinematic experience. (Custom device configs for these features may be available on our discord or XDA)
  • Force the default video resolution as high or low as you wish and even override your screen resolution for that crisp 4k playback on any device, and also enables you to modify default playback speed to anywhere from 0.25x to 2x (provided your device is powerful enough) (assuming your device is powerful enough)
  • Allows you to toggle home advertisements, most UI ads, Merchandise ads, Community posts, Movie upselling, compress banner data (such as the covid info), delete comments totally, compact movie, movie shelf removal and many more!

Sponsor Block

  • Features the option to bypass unpleasant sponsor parts (when a youtuber offers a business or product in the midst of a video) (where a youtuber advertises a service or product in the middle of a video)
  • It also permits bypassing additional categories, such as intros, outros and reminders to subscribe.
  • Uses the API available here. You can get more information about how it works
  • Also enables you to submit your own parts to the API and contribute to the greater community
  • Complete control over whether to automatically skip a segment category or provide a button for skipping, or simply just not skipping it at all.
  • Highlights the section in the specified colour depending on its category in the playback timeline.

Download latest YouTube Vanced 15.43.32 APK

There are several methods to install the newest YouTube Vanced v15.43.32. One is utilizing the Vanced Manager software that can effortlessly install the YouTube Vanced, Music app, and all the essential applications like microG on different Android smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Android boxes, etc. It comes officially from the creators.

Alternatively, you can also download and install the standalone APKs file from below. You may install the APKS file using Split Installer program located on Play Store.

1. Download Vanced Manager APK (1.3.1)

Vanced Manager is a container software for all the Vanced applications including YouTube and Music. The creators introduced a new Vanced Music app comparable to the YouTube client, but for Music!


  • Download and install Vanced Manager APK. (link above)
  • Launch Vanced Manager app.
  • Install microG from the app first. (needed for Google Account sign in)
  • Install newest YouTube Vanced app from the manager.
  • Launch YouTube Vanced and login in to your Google account

2. YouTube Vanced 15.43.32 Standalone APKS or Split APKS

This is the whole package with many language support! This YouTube Vanced v15.43.32 comes in packaged APKS file or split/multiple APKS. It comes with numerous language support like en, fr, ja, pt. However, there’s a drawback to this. You will need a different app to install this.


  • YouTube Vanced APKS | Gdrive download (standalone APK, install via Split installer)
  • YouTube Vanced v15.43.32 Split APKs (multiple files) | Downloads (Multiple APKS, install via SAI)


  • Install the microG app first. (Required for Google Account sign in)
  • Install the newest YouTube Vanced app using Split Installer (SAI) below.
  • Launch YouTube Vanced and login in to your Google account

You have to wait 15 seconds.

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As of now, You have Experienced the Irritating commercials in between the videos/movies. Now forward there is no probability of obtaining advertising while viewing the videos if you are a fan of YouTube Vanced Apk. There will be a lot of features are cooking within the Vanced team home.

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